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    Freaks and Geeks Drawn Together


    SWAG of bags was the name of the game for Sunday.  I’ve got like five new bags, three Drawstring Sport Pack, a really cool cardboard paper messenger bag and one really huge laundry bag?  We got there extra early and stayed till basically the end and saw everything like four times.  The best booth was the Cartoon Network exhibit because they gave away so much free stuff.  We first started by getting a photo taken with a green screen and then superimposed onto a cartoon network, and a really cool bag.

    There were a few people dressed up, but i’m sure not as many as the previous days but still a strong showing.  There was even a guy dressed up as a robotech character.  The show in general was pretty typical nothing truly stood out in terms of booth presentations, but maybe thats just how it is on Sundays.  The funniest thing that occurred though was that i saw quite a few people with Free Hugs signs just hanging out, and by the end of the day i saw a Free High 5s, and a few Free Beatings.

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    Prepping for Comic-Con 2007


    Tomorrow Ben, Joy, and I are heading down to San Diego for Comic Con.  Jonathan was going to go but unfortunately for the first time Comic-Con is completely sold out!  In preparation to the convention i decided if i wasn’t going to dress up for the occasion that i could at least make a shirt to proclaim my nerdiness. Joy was oh so proud to join me too.  My shirt was a bit of a disaster at first, but after adding a few more layers of paint, i think its looking pretty cool.  Tomorrow i’m sure i’ll have lots of pictures to post of the show.

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    Surfs up.


    These past couple weeks has been the most i’ve been to local beaches, like ever. We’ve taken our lunches in the surf, and getting tans on our backs. Yesterday i caught my biggest wave boogie boarding, and also got a reminder why i’m still not completely fond of the ocean. The waves were much, much bigger, so the wave that i did catch i rode all the way down to the shore. It was a pretty interesting feeling, but i don’t have enough awareness of what was going on around me.

    Its going to take some getting used to, to understand what the ocean and the waves are doing out there. Especially since there was this yellow sludge of bubbles on on the surface of the water. It was pretty disgusting not knowing what the hell it was. The final disaster was when i caught a wave too late and got stuck at the bottom of the wave not knowing what to do, which finally had me flipping over, and getting all this salt water up my nose which instantly makes me start to gag. I was done, but i ended the day with a nicely even tan on the beach though.

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    WORK @ Universal


    As a treat for basically finishing up the Disney Project we took everyone out to Universal Studios.  We were originally going to go to Disneyland, but that would be foolish to give money back to the mouse.  Plus Universal has alcohol.  It was sort of a friends and family event too since Joy, Thomas, and Roland joined us on our half day of fun.  We also got everyone an all-you-can-eat pass so that we could just grub all day long and grub we did.

    Roland was able to get us ahead of the line for the tram where we got stuck an extra twenty minutes, and onto the Mummy the Ride.  The one thing though is that Jurassic Park the ride is just one unnecessarily wet, literally there were rocks shooting water at us.  Really we were all completely soaked by the end of the ride.

    We finished up the night at Air Condition in Venice for a few more drinks and a little 80’s dancings.  Good times.

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    Groove at the Bowl


    Ben and Tiffany had extra tickets to the Groove Armada show at the Hollywood Bowl. It was perfect reason to open our bottle of wine that we bought in Napa. We added some cheese, bread, and salami to accompany the wine and had a good time. Groove Armada put on a good show, but all it did was make me want to go to a rave, do they even have those anymore? The headliner of the show was a Mexican Alternative band Cafe Tacuba, but it just wasn’t interesting enough for us to stay.

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    Feast or Famine


    Saturday morning i got out with my cousin in-law Kenji for a round of golf down in San Clemente at 7:30am. This was the first round in half a year, in addition with a new driver so i wasn’t sure what to expect.  The morning started off with a triple bogey, and a couple holes later i had a birdie.  In all i didn’t shoot particularly well in total, but there were many glances of greatness.  Two quadruple bogey’s, three pars, a birdie, and everything in between.  The new driver worked out pretty nicely so i think i’ll be keeping it, but i’m going to try to figure out my driver swing again.

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    Keep on Shooting


    My camera has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past few months, but its time for everyone to bust out their digi’s once again.  There’s been a new photo contest posted for the isofosho group, be sure to have your photos taken and submitted in the new few weeks.  We’ve already gotten some entries so I don’t want to have to keep reminding you guys.

    Also i FINALLY posted some more photos on istockphoto.com for the first time in like a year, and i already got a download from one of my pictures! I’m getting really close to getting another $100, so i think im going to start whore my camera out and try to get 100 photos in my portfolio by the end of the summer.

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    I don’t see why people have issues with Disney making a Rat cute, they’ve spent 50 years making a mouse cute haven’t they?  Overall i liked Disney*Pixar’s Rataouille,it wasn’t quite as good as The Incredibles, or Finding Nemo, but right up there with Toy Story II, and Monsters Inc.  The biggest problem was probably that i watched it after watching Transformers, and that would ruin any movie that you watched afterwards. The movie itself had big appeal because it combined Cooking along with Pixar, which in my book was a for sure winner.  The storyline was creative yet predictable, but very cute, as long as you could get over the whole rat thing.  I’m not sure Joy or my sister could though.

    I actually went to the El Capitan to watch the movie, and take my mom since this was her first theater showing in some 30 years!  The pre-show before the movie was ok, but just be ready to hang out with a bunch of noisy kids throughout the whole movie.

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    Food Tour of LA


    Saturday was a feast that left me in a coma.  We started the morning by meeting David and Don at Empress Palace in downtown for some Dim Sum.  Joy and David were hesitant for me to meet Don because they say he’s a bit weird, but I personally didn’t find him that weird but i think its because i hang out with the three stooges at work all day.  After a gut busting brunch we headed out to Grand Central Market, and took a walk around east downtown LA.  Joy had class so we had leave for a few hours, but made plans to meet up for dinner.

    On the way back up to LA Joy and I tried calling David but couldn’t get a hold of him so we made a pit stop at Philippe for some of their famous french dip sandwich.  The place was crowded because i guess this is a typical spot for people to go before a Dodger’s game.

    David and Don finally got in touch with us and met up with us at Hollywood and Highland.  We went to Hungry Cat first and had some oysters, but couldn’t get seated so we went to the new Palms Restaurant for lots of Thai food.  The Thai Elvis sand, we ate and I was basically passed out driving back to Santa Monica.

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    Frosted Krusty O’s


    Childhood just came alive.  After watching the awesome movie known as Transformers, I remembered that there was a 7-11 that turned into a Kwik-E-Mart just down the street.  Sure it was a little cheesy, but being able to go buy some Frosted Krusty O’s was a really cool experience.  The funny thing is, in 20 years will there be anything this cool for the next generation to experience, because cartoons sure aren’t what they used to be.  Talking robot/car vs. talking sponge?  Please.

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    MOVIE: Titanic For Men


    I guess the hype is so big for this movie that they actually pushed up the date of the release of Transformers a few days early. I’ve got tickets for the 4:45 showing today in Culver City, and I’m probably going to take off work a few hours early just to stand in line. This movie is the most anticipated guy movie of all time, and you know its going to be good because  many girls don’t care for it, and guys could care less if they don’t.  They’ll all be waiting in line, holding hands singing kumbaya together.  So for all you late comers that want me to scoot in a few seats so that your late arriving ass can have a good seat will be sadly rejected because i got here early to get the seat I’m sitting in.

    Now how in the world I’m I going to sneak in a squishee.