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    Sun in the Valley


    After an afternoon in napa can i taste what really expensive wine tastes like?  Probably no, but i do know what really cheap wine tastes like now.  It was truly a new experience drinking wine at 11 in the morning, but it sure was fun.  We started our tour of Napa Valley at Duckhorn where we had a semi-private tasting of some really good wines.  We were guided through five different wines, with a small plates of cheeses and other eats which made the wines change their taste each time around.  Even if it was about a total of a glass and a half, we were already feeling the buzz.   The next stop was Keenan where we tasting a few more wines, and even bought one.  We had lunch there, and then left for our last stop Sterling.  Jesse always ends the day with one crappy winery to compare it to all the good wines we had earlier the day.  So thumbs up for the Napa Valley.

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    Old World Charm


    San Francisco is a very interesting place in its own right.  My sister always told me it was  cross between New York and Los Angeles, and its very true.  Yet there’s something about it i just didn’t find as fun as New York, or as comfortable as Los Angeles.  It was a very nice city to visit, don’t get me wrong but it was like luke warm coffee.  It should either be hot, or iced.  It did have a ton of great places to go eat, so i do have to give it that, but you have to make sure that you’re ready to walk there because getting around isn’t so friendly.   We ate at some really great places, but the trouble to get to some of them were quite the pain in the butt where getting a taxi or figuring out the bus route took some of the fun out of it.

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    In the Press

    bmozza.jpgPizzeria Mozza

    At Pizzeria Mozza, currently the toughest ticket in Los Angeles, Nancy Silverton has people arguing over the entire paradigm of what a pizza might be. Her pizza is airy and burnt and risen around the rim, thin and crisp in the center, neither bready in the traditional Neapolitan manner nor wispy the way you find pizza in the best places in Tuscany. The crust is sweet and bitter, salty and chewy, circled by crunchy charred bubbles that may or may not be snipped off by Silverton or her chef, Matt Molina, as they inspect the pizzas at the pass. Every pizza at Mozza is a unique marriage of flour, salt and hot-burning almond wood, stretched into irregular disks, as individually lovable as children, topped with sausage and wild fennel, or squash blossoms and burrata , or fried eggs and puréed anchovies. Mario Batali is a part owner, and the buzziness and heat may remind you of the menus at Otto, Batali€™s pizza parlor in Greenwich Village, although Mozza€™s pizza is better than Otto€™s. The antipasti, which are mostly vegetables, include crackling, deep-fried squash blossoms stuffed with oozing ricotta cheese. David Rosoff€™s all-Italian wine list is short and obscure but loaded with delicious things to drink, and nothing is over $50. Still, Mozza is a simple pizzeria €” Osteria Mozza, the more serious half of the operation, won€™t open until midsummer. 641 N. Highland Ave., L.A., (323) 297-0101 or www.mozza-la.com. Open daily noon€“mid. Valet parking. AE, M, V. Italian pizzeria. $$

    Good Job Kobe! Now get back to work!

    Speaking of pizza, this week i went to Lamonica’s in westwood for some pizza after going to Cabo Cantina for some beers, and thoroughly destroyed the roof of my mouth. I took one bite and knew i was done for, and about half way through eating i could feel the roof of my mouth start peeling off. Bit by bit, little pieces of flesh got tongued off, and now i have a new layer of skin on the roof of my mouth. Just wanted to share that with you guys.

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    Travel Itinerary


    June has been a month circled on my calendar for quite some time.  This Saturday i’m traveling up to Norcal for a little wine, and little food, and a whole lot of fun.  We’re flying in Saturday, and probably going to be just hanging out in the city, while Sunday we’re heading out to Napa to do a little wine tasting, and wine drunkiness.  Looks like its going to be beautiful weather too.

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    Friends and Family Plan


    This weekend i thought was going to be my only “free” weekend, but it turned out i had plenty of things to take care of anyways. Saturday Joy came over to help me clean up my apartment which has been trashed since my house warming last month. I had three loads of laundry to do, camping gear to put away, and plenty of cleaning to do around the place. We met up with David and his girls at Wat Thai where David got to try out some of his Thai speaking skills, and he’s getting really good, at least for ordering food. At night we met up with Joy’s friend in Newport Beach to eat at California Beach Sushi where we drank beer, and ate sushi until it was literally coming out the other end.

    The day we had breakfast with my folks and sister for Father’s Day, and then moved like 50% of my sister’s house to my place, my parent’s and Jesse’s parent’s house. Its still pretty sad that my sister is leaving, no more OC vacation home.

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    The Great Outdoors


    Fish Caught: 0
    Sticks Caught: 8
    Mosquito Bite: 9+
    Allergic Sneezes: 57

    This weekend was a perfect example of good planning, bad follow through. We had our lists, checked them twice, and when all said and done, we forgot tents, sleeping bags, frozen burgers, and a few other goodies. Thankfully we’re a resilient bunch, and made do with what we did have. Other than those missteps we had a pretty successful trip out into the forest.

    After a three hour plus drive we arrived at Sequoia Belknap which was one of the first camp grounds heading up into Sequoia so we limited our mountain driving, and were able to setup well before night fall. Our Saturday hike was up near Wichon camp ground and things started off good when we got word that people were catching some pretty big fish, but as we made our way up we got a little worried because the trail seemed like it hadn’t gotten much foot traffic lately with a lot of brush around the path. We did end up meeting up two groups, but that was it for the entire day. We followed the river upstream, and spent most of the afternoon fishing and eating sandwiches.

    Sunday we stayed near the campsite and did our fishing in one of the two streams close by. I have to say that i almost caught one fish, because i popped it out of the water, but then got off my hook in the air. Good thing too, because i’d feel really bad if it had swallowed the hook and died. Thankfully Joy saved a caterpillar from drowning to death, and they’ll be one more butterfly in world because of her. Other than the allergy attach i had, i’m looking forward to next year’s trip.

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    So Long Sis


    Monday my sister found out that Jesse got a new job.  Unfortunately for some people me included, its up in San Francisco.  So Tuesday we had dinner with the parents to break the news, and discuss whats going to happen.  Looks like i’m going to be getting some more furniture which is fine by me, but under the circumstances i wish this wasn’t the case.  On the bright side at least now i have another excuse to do some more traveling and exploring.

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    Excessively Nice


    Saturday we gathered to celebrate Seung and Janette getting hitched.  This was by far one of the best weddings i’ve been too.  Everything from the short ceremony to the open bar, even if the only people i knew were sitting at my own table. Even the dinner prayer was really funny.

    I did drink a bit excessively, if you call going to the bar asking for a double vodka tonic, and a couple beers every 15 minutes excessive.  Thankfully i didn’t embarrass myself, and no one that i knew of had to puke.  Midnight came around and it was time to go, but not without a quick stop at the Hat for some chili cheese fries.  We barely got through a third of it before we were done for the night.

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    Back to Life, Back to Reality


    A year ago i pulled my ipod nano out of my bag, and sadly found the screen cracked.  Since then i’ve been using it like a big’ol shuffle, with less functionality because i couldn’t even figure out how to shuffle songs without the screen.  I don’t really know why i waited so long, but this week i finally ordered a new screen off of ebay for about 20 bucks, and went ahead to replace the screen.  It feels so nice again to get my  hands dirty and accomplish something that i can actually use quite a bit.  The bright colorful words are comfort to my eyes.  Hopefully this will stave off needing to buy another ipod until apple decides to go away with the phone function of the iPhone.