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    Manly Man weekend


    This coming Saturday i’m throwing a little get together for my “movin in” party.  This was more for the fact that it would force me to finish painting my apartment since the living room sat unfinished for well over a month.  So this past saturday i went ahead and spent the afternoon finishing painting the walls white, and finally putting away all the paint cans lying around the house.  I even went out and bought a new toilet seat because the old one always felt like it was just going to slide off the bowl.  This was no easy task either because one bolt seemed to build up a lot of rust around the nut, and the only way i could get the darn thing off was to take a box knife and basically cut the plastic nut right off.  I had to give myself a pat on the back for that one.

    Also on Friday what started off as a simple 2-3 mile run ended up becoming a 5 mile, 50:30 minute marathon.  After work Joy and I met up and went down to Santa Monica Beach, and ran south towards Venice pier, which ended up being about 2.75 miles which is pretty close to the 3.1 miles 5k distance.  We decided to go all out and get to 3.1 miles and ran back towards ocean, and finished at about 29 minutes.  Since it was getting late, and we were so far out Joy decided we should just run back to the car.  She has certainly passed me up on the running scale, i was trailing her for a good 20 feet by the end of it.  It was definitely a good sign, since there are only 14 weeks until the half’er arrives.

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    Don’t Believe the Hype


    I said that i would try it once, i did it, and it didn’t dissappoint, depending on how you look at it. Joy and I went out to breakfast this Sunday out in Venice Beach at the French Market and split a croquette monsieur and some french onion soup. It was quite nice eating out doors with fellow Angelenos, enjoying the sun, and the breeze. After what was actually lunch we walked down Abbot Kinney to buy some flowers, and strolled down the art district. We happened to pass by a Pinkberry that had no line so i broke down and went inside for a tasting. We ordered a small vanilla, with mango topping, and got a sample of the green tea variety. The green tea in one word i would say was “Sucked Ass.” The vanilla with mango was alright, a bit tangy with a definite taste of yogurt.  Although I still don’t know what the hell all these freaks waiting in line are thinking.

    To run down some other desserts worth getting, Churros at Literatti II, and Papa Beards Cream puffs, thumbs up.  Cupcakes eh, i’ll pass, my sister makes better ones, even when she forgets to put in the oil.