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    Dream Farm


    So i dream a lot.  Lots. Tons.

    Some say dreaming is great, some say its good for you.

    I hate it.

    I feel like i lived a whole other life in my sleep.

    Dreams can be a peak into your mind and soul, so i decided to try to write down all the dreams that i do have.  Don’t get scared, my dreams can’t hurt you. Dreaming in Reality

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    Asphalt still hurts the same


    I failed to realize that playing in a gym is a whole lot different from playing on the outside.  Every aspect of the game changes when you hit the streets to play, even if you don’t play with the brothas.  From the wind, dust, double rims, to the players, and attitudes on the courts everything changes on the outside.  Inside games were controlled, super competitive but without the fear of getting into fights for a bad call or play.  I also remembered how hard the rough the asphalt was after trying to do a reverse layup, losing balance and falling to the ground scraping up my knees, and bruising both wrists.  The funny thing is that the guys we were playing against were probably half our age, but had no idea how old we are.  I’m happy to report that we did kick all their asses and my game hasn’t changed, but my Basketball IQ is greater than ever before.

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    White Walls


    In a rush before my little house warming party i had to finish painting my apartment, and buy a dining table. Thankfully with a few days to spare i was able to accomplish everything.  I finished painting  the living room last weekend, and picked up a dining table which was pretty much what i was looking for. On Saturday i took out Jon, Janelle, Cheryl, Robin, and Teresa out to the Wat Thai for some yummy food, and lots of desserts. At night the rest of the friends showed up for a pretty mellow get together. Just a little drinking with plenty of pizza and ice cream.  It was a far cry from last year’s house warming with all the hangover the next day. This time around we actually went out for a run in the morning where Joy, David, and I ran a whole six miles to inch our way to the half marathon.

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    Old Man Styling


    You know when you’ve grown up because you could just care less.  Last night Chen had a psuedo going away party at Level 3 in Hollywood.  There were so many things that i did that just made me realized how different i was from when i was just a wee lad.

    For starters i don’t need to make a fashionably late appearance, showing up early is actually a normal thing for me now.  I actually prefer when the club isn’t so crowded, and i don’t have to fight for drink at the bar.  Personally i think they make the drinks better earlier on also because bartenders are usually in a better mood.  The place was so empty, and Joy was already swaying to the music so even with no one on the dance floor we hit the stage, with probably everyone staring at us, but i didn’t notice.  If they only knew that i’m such not a regular clubber.

    I got to say hello to the few people i did know there, but it was really just an excuse to get Joy to wear a dress again.  Always a plus in my book.  At the end we left probably sometime after midnight when the place was really packed with people, and we went out to get some late night thai food in thai town.

    Oh don’t ask about the hippo, i honestly have no idea.

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    Manly Man weekend


    This coming Saturday i’m throwing a little get together for my “movin in” party.  This was more for the fact that it would force me to finish painting my apartment since the living room sat unfinished for well over a month.  So this past saturday i went ahead and spent the afternoon finishing painting the walls white, and finally putting away all the paint cans lying around the house.  I even went out and bought a new toilet seat because the old one always felt like it was just going to slide off the bowl.  This was no easy task either because one bolt seemed to build up a lot of rust around the nut, and the only way i could get the darn thing off was to take a box knife and basically cut the plastic nut right off.  I had to give myself a pat on the back for that one.

    Also on Friday what started off as a simple 2-3 mile run ended up becoming a 5 mile, 50:30 minute marathon.  After work Joy and I met up and went down to Santa Monica Beach, and ran south towards Venice pier, which ended up being about 2.75 miles which is pretty close to the 3.1 miles 5k distance.  We decided to go all out and get to 3.1 miles and ran back towards ocean, and finished at about 29 minutes.  Since it was getting late, and we were so far out Joy decided we should just run back to the car.  She has certainly passed me up on the running scale, i was trailing her for a good 20 feet by the end of it.  It was definitely a good sign, since there are only 14 weeks until the half’er arrives.

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    Don’t Believe the Hype


    I said that i would try it once, i did it, and it didn’t dissappoint, depending on how you look at it. Joy and I went out to breakfast this Sunday out in Venice Beach at the French Market and split a croquette monsieur and some french onion soup. It was quite nice eating out doors with fellow Angelenos, enjoying the sun, and the breeze. After what was actually lunch we walked down Abbot Kinney to buy some flowers, and strolled down the art district. We happened to pass by a Pinkberry that had no line so i broke down and went inside for a tasting. We ordered a small vanilla, with mango topping, and got a sample of the green tea variety. The green tea in one word i would say was “Sucked Ass.” The vanilla with mango was alright, a bit tangy with a definite taste of yogurt.  Although I still don’t know what the hell all these freaks waiting in line are thinking.

    To run down some other desserts worth getting, Churros at Literatti II, and Papa Beards Cream puffs, thumbs up.  Cupcakes eh, i’ll pass, my sister makes better ones, even when she forgets to put in the oil.

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    Mark the date, May 16, 2007, i passed the century mark! For the first time in my life i benched over a 100lbs, 115lbs to be exact. My goal is still to bench my body weight, but at the rate i’m gaining weight, i’m not sure if i’ll be able to catch up to it. I’m in a catch up mode after last week’s lack of working out, so i need to get back on track for my half marathon training.  It really helps that i’ve got a couple of people with the same gym membership so that i have somebody to go with, and don’t have to go by myself, or sneak into another gym.  Lets see how long this lasts before everyone gets lazy again, and its just another monthly payment that keeps kicking us in the butt.

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    Damn you Berna

    Berna tagged me.
    So anyway, here are the rules:
    1. List 7 random facts about yourself on your blog;
    2. Tag 7 more blogs, making sure to let them know. // I like to break these rules.

    Fact 1: I have a bump on my ear that i get from my dad.

    Fact 2: My favorite color is orange, which is completely based upon orange sherbet.

    Fact 3: I still have a blankie, but its not the original one, and has been replaced many times.

    Fact 4: In first grade i was put in ESL because the teacher thought i couldn’t speak English, but in reality i was just a quiet kid.
    Fact 5: I have blog postings that date all the way back to 2000, and only realized that blog was short for web log last year, which i called it back then, and i still hate the term blog.

    Fact 6: I can eat amazing amounts of fast food in one sitting that has at times shocked people. i.e. Jumbo Jack, Two Tacos, Chicken Sandwich, fries, and a large drink? Easy.

    Fact 7: My life long goal is the ability to be able to predict the future.

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    Strike Three


    faux photoboothSaturday was suppose to start off normally with a little exercise, but for some reason we never got out the SMC pool to swim laps. Before we knew it was had to go to one of Joy’s friend’s kid’s first birthday. I didn’t initially plan on attending but i figured she would be bored so I tagged along. I was pretty happy i did because their food spread was quite impressive. There was so much food that we even brought David a trey full of food when we met up to go to the golf range.

    We never made it to that, because i had plan to meet up with my Nina at Lucky Strike at Hollywood and Highland because one of her friends just graduated from the UCLA business school.

    I was technically still full from the lunch buffet, but for some reason when i saw the onion rings, and Jesse making a chicken sandwich i became instantly hungry. I didn’t keep it light either, making a sandwich with bacon, to go along a hand full of fries and onion rings, and even having a hot dog later that night. What can i say, when people say free food, and drinks it gets my stomach going.

    We did get to bowl of couple frames for people already playing, and i was quite proud to be able to show off some of my more unusual bowling techniques. Like the tipitoe curl, or the screwball, which we both crowd pleasers by the gasps i heard in the background. Their was photo booth there also but it was broken, but Jesse came up with the bright idea of just taking our own photos and saving three bucks. The pictures of course probably came out better than if we would have actually paid, so there’s a win for us! After the last call for free alcohol was said, Joy and I were both pretty much spent for the rest of the night so ended Saturday, with another night of a full belly.

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    Stick a fork in me


    I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey at this point. I promise i didn’t plan it like this but this is getting ridiculous! This entire weekend was spent just eating till it was coming out the other end (I think i grossed out Joy’s friend by stating that fact). It was nice though, because i got to connect with a lot of people at each eating venture.

    It started out Friday night when Joy planned a night of Ethiopian food at Merkato on Fairfax. David and Cheryl met up with us there, and I was ready for my first taste of their sponge bread. I totally got confused when they brought us our appetizer and didn’t give us any plates or utensils, but i forgot that you eat everything with your hands. Everything tasted great, but would have been better if we could’ve gotten the dished at their normal spice level (Cheryl has a weak stomach). I would have to say it was very similar to Indian food, but not quite of course.

    For dessert we took David to Diddy Riese for two of his favorite things, ice cream, and cookies. I’m still surprised that he’s never been there, but I’m happy that i could take him. After his Pink Berry experience i knew he was in for a treat. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not, because he inhaled it before i could ask him. That was just Friday.

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    Food and Fatties


    I started to really think that i was going to be good about keeping my body in shape, but it has a mind of its own already.  When i first started going out with Joy, i weighed probably around 135, and when i went to the gym last week i was up to 143!  I noticed it wasn’t because i was technically eating more per meal, but i just started eating 2 or even 3 meals a day.  Last year i basically only ate one meal a day, so that probably kept the weight down.  This just means i’ve got to do even more running even though my joints are starting to feel the longer distances.

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    Cinco de Tequila


    I really thought that i wouldn’t drink on cinco de mayo because of the 5k on sunday morning, but i was wrong. When my sister yelled, who wants a margarita? Its tough to say no when someone says that if you know what i mean. I’m glad I did, because they sure were tasty, and they went great with the carne asada tacos, corn, and nacho cheese chips. It was basically a mini vacation for Joy and I, because we got to layout out in the sun, go swimming and hot tubbing, eat and drink without a care in the world. Who knew it was only 50 miles south.