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    Afflicted with Food Coma

    foodcoma.jpg photo credits: hatsforbats

    I’ve had this past weekend circled on my calendar for over a month, and i was totally looking forward to it. It ended up not being exactly what i expected but just as good. Saturday Joy and I woke up bright and early then got to Disneyland before it opened, and that was a good thing because it ended up being a pretty crowded weekend. If you would’ve seen our path on a map you would’ve thought we were a drunken ant with all the criss crossing we did. We basically took our time often getting a coffee or ice cream and just people watching for most of the day. We ate so many times, and even went for a drink in downtown disney. Afterwards we went to Ten Ten for a late night snack of pan fried noodles and won ton soup.

    Sunday we slept in and went for our run pretty close to lunch time, but i’m sure we got in our 3 miles before heading out to the Wat Thai and meet David there. I’ve been trying to get him to go there for almost a year now because i know he would love it. Lets say he’s already planning another trip out. Speaking of Mr. HatsForBats he’s finally given into the power of wordpress, and hopefully he’ll be blogging more often now.  We tried some 8-10 dishes with plenty of drinks and desert to go along with the meal.  Literally an hour later after finish eating Joy and I had to go to dinner with her cousins’ families, which included four kids.  I’ve still got a long way to go when dealing with kids.  I felt like i was in a food coma the whole weekend.

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    Great minds think alike


    Ok, now its just getting scary. Tonight was my date with Joy to get some pizza. I was on yelp again looking for a different pizza place to eat at, and this place called Savoy Pizza & Pasta came up on Yelp. This is no ordinary pizza place i guess because their most famous dish is a chicken and rice plate. So i was talking to Joy online today and she wanted to know if i wanted to go this place to eat and she linked me to the exact place i was looking to take her at.  I guess she drives by it all the time and figured it was time to try it out.  Ok maybe it wasn’t that out of left field, but i think i got the chills when i saw what place she picked.

    Tomorrow was suppose to be the day I got to go to Disneyland with David and Joy, and give them my personal tour of the park, but this week David had to back out leaving just Joy and I to go.  The horror.  Now we’re going to be forced to travel alone, get on rides faster, and make funny faces at each other in line without worrying about anyone else thinking we’re dorks, which we are.  Hopefully we’ll get there before the park actually opens, and we can run to the Indiana Jones ride before everyone else.  Coming from LA its going to be rough.

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    Time to Lunch


    I eat, its what i do. My tombstone is going to say “cheap and good”. So today I thought i would give a little site love to yelp. since i seem to use it quite a bit for a little bit of everything, but mostly for food ideas, and reviews. I created my own account and started to do some of my own reviews, so feel free to use me as a guinea pig to figure out where to eat tonight.

    As for tonight, its finally back to Al Noor for some good old fashion burning. You can see how much we love this place by just one simple website. Thanks to David we’ll always know when its time to eat! If you don’t know about Al Noor, just know its the best, and I don’t care what anyone else says otherwise.

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    Living Green


    These are my simple tips for doing the world good.

    1. Don’t take a platic bag for a pack of gum, or any other single item you can carry with your bare hands
    2. Buy aluminum can beers, it tastes the same, has the same amount of ounces, and its easier to recycle
    3. Live closer to work, you drive to work more often than anything else in a given week
    4. Bring a bike to work, it can actually be faster for you to bike to lunch then drive, fight for parking, and deal with traffic
    5. Wear t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops to work, you wont need as much AC, and how many people do you actually interact with day in and day out?
    6. Don’t buy every iteration of the iPod or Phone, 100 Million iPods Sold means probably 99 Million awaiting to go to a land fill
    7. Understand that going camping isn’t necessarily benefiting the forrest, the amount of waste produced, and amount of wood being burnt isn’t very enviromentally sound
    8. If you’re promoting “Earth Day” don’t print 10,000 flyers, 1000 posters even its on 100% recycled paper, with soybased inks, they’re all ending up in the trash anyways
    9. Don’t hold a festival promoting “Earth Day” making thousands of people drive in their honking SUV to some poor park so that people can try to make money off of you with other Earth Saving products, that they promote with more flyers
    10. Blame the industrial revolution for destroying the earth, not me.
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    Candlelit Tofu

    Maybe i am a little absent-minded, it was still quite nice.  So i got back home yesterday to go change before going to the gym, and realized my power was out, and because why? I didn’t change over the electricity account over to my name.  I called Edison up, and the earliest they could turn it on was in the morning, and im still at work and hoping that they did turn it on.  I rushed to find all the candles i could, and prepared for night fall.  After getting back from the gym we lit the apartment up, and did some cooking in the dark.  It was so tasty too, because Joy made some mabu tofu, and fried eggs.  It really felt like home.

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    Work monkeys


    The office just got a little more cozy. With the Disney project ramping up to full craziness we decided to go with the nepotism route with getting some help. We’ve brought in Chrissie’s little brother, and Noel’s brother in-law to help out with some of the grunt work here at the office and from day 1, things are flying. Its a strange feeling to be in control of so many people, and its much more difficult to get your work done, and make sure that everyone else is on track with what they need to do. Thankfully Jonathan has done a commendable job for the first couple days, but tomorrow it looks like i’ll be in control of our two new peons. With five people in the office the culture is changing ever so slightly, but in a good way, i think everybody is really starting to focus in on what needs to be done. Fun is fun, and work is work, but i think we’re finding a good balance between the two. Hopefully we’ll have an office party some time this year!

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    Disconnected, but not …


    I am really having a good time out in Santa Monica, and i’m worried that i’m beginning to lose touch with friends. Its not like i’m doing it on purpose, but its nice to find someone to do all things that i like to do at the same time. I guess before Joy i had to go from friend to friend to fulfill different interests in my life and that got me travelling all over to see different friends. Its not entirely my fault I feel because i always plan my life according to a first come first serve basis, so if any of my friends would call me i would hang out with them, but since no one calls i’m left to my own devices.

    This weekend was a pretty unexpectedly fun one. Friday night i went out with Roland to watch Blades of Glory over at the Howard Hughes Center. It was quite enjoyable with all the awkward comedy, i’d recommened a $8-10 value. Saturday was spent in Orange County at my old Costa Mesa Target, and Henry’s while Joy and I killed time before dinner with my family. Dinner was fun, lots of good food and picture taking as usual. Unexepectedly at night we decided to go clubbing at Highlands in Hollywood since Chen said that we could get in for free, and Roland said he was going to be there for a birthday party anyways. It was a great time, and i’m already looking forward to the next club.

    Sunday Joy and I tried to run three miles, to try to catch up with our training schedule for the half marathon, and i think we did a pretty good job too. We split a coffee and a Ham & Cheese croissant to tied us over for a unexpected trip to the Wat Thai in North Hollywood. It was thai new years so they had a ton of food vendors, and people there. We actually went into the temple first and did some praying, then got our grub on for a mere $14.00. It was a really good time, yet oddly strange to be hanging out with someone Thai still.

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    Summer jump off


    Summer Solstice may still be 71 days away, but i guess its never to early to starting planning ahead anyways.  I’ve been telling everyone that I can’t do anything until June because of a couple big projects at work, and basically in one day i booked my June up.  Just yesterday morning i booked a couple flights for a norcal, Napa wine and SF food weekend. Hopefully when i get back from that trip that i’ll be able to smell the cherries, oak, and other smells of wine rather than just smelling … alcohol.  Everyone says that i would really enjoy SF, but i’ve yet to experience it, so maybe i’ll acquire a taste for the city too.

    Later in the afternoon Ben and I found a campsite to do some hunting and fire building at.  Hopefully it will be a nice weekend that isn’t too hot or too cold, and i’ll make sure i have to bring an extra blanket because last time my 30 year old sleeping bag just wasn’t cutting it.  That also just means another trip to Target to go buy some supplies, like a tent, and air mattress.  Hey, and the air mattress isn’t quite for me, i have no problem sleeping on the ground, but if anyone going wants a good night sleep without me snoring it up will be quite thankfully i get that thing.  So bust out those marshmellows, we’re going camping!

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    Courtesy call


    After only four weeks of “hanging out,” I’ve gotten to know my friend Joy quite a bit. So much that I think her parents got very curious to meet this person that made her get home late, all sweaty and tired. So I went out to eat dinner with her family on Monday night at NBC in Monterey Park. We got there the earliest, so we took charge and ordered up a bunch of food, from soup to fish. There was a bit of uneasiness because of the language barrier, but thats just going to force me to learn thai a little faster i guess. I guess i felt a little better after the dinner when i gaver her dad a bottle of wine, and his eyes sure did perk up.

    Speaking of hot and sweaty, on Saturday we took a detour from our normal run on the beach for some hiking in the Angeles Forest. We tried to make it up to a waterfall, but ended up having to cut it short due to some time constraints. At night it was Bryant’s 30th birthday party out in Silverlake, where the alcohol flowed the minute i got there. There were bottles upon bottles of booze, lots of spring rolls, and a corona piñata. There was much fun to be had in the day, but i was too beat to enjoy it all the way through.

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    And the winner is …


    My sister, good job nina. I have to say good job to all my friends that contributed, since my sister’s friends are seriously starting to lag. Hopefully this next assignment will more interesting to people than the last one. Get your cameras ready photogs, the next project has been assigned. Good Luck!

    beakatude (a group admin) says:
    05 Apr 07 – OK peeps, Lemme See Yo’ Ride!
    Post photos of your mode of transportation: car, bike, train, feet, snowboard, pimped out skateboard, etc.

    Deadline is Wednesday, April 18th at 11:00 pm.

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    Walking Calamity

    paint_stains.jpg Can i ever make it through a day without spilling something, or dropping my food on my clothes? I didn’t think so. My mom will be pretty glad that i think my favorite pair of jeans are finally done for. I accidentally sat on top of the lid of the paint bucket last night and now they have a big’ol white circle on my ass. I don’t think people will believe me if i say that its designer jeans, like i do with my other pair.

    My dad came by again and finished up painting the other bedroom, but i still need to go to Home Depot to buy one more small can of paint to finish up the other room. I’m almost ready to move in the last pieces of my furniture, and finally take up residency in Santa Monica. Although my dad nixed the idea of bring up the leather couch because it was too big to fit through the entrance way, so i’m probably going to end up trying to reupholster the old couch, which will be a pretty fun project in its own right. You know i’m going to be needing some bandaids for that one. I hope Joys knows how to stop massive bleeding.

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    Happy April 2nd

    To those who are like my sister, it was an April Fools joke! Read the comment! I love playing these jokes on my unexpected visitors to this small little website. This had to be the best one since back in the day when my site was still hosted on the CSULB site. I was worried though since not everyone reads the comments even though half the fun lies there.

    Joy has been a trooper and blessing with helping me move my apartment and hanging out with my parents. We actually went ice skating at the new East West Ice Palace in Artesia on Saturday night, which meant i had to drop by the parents house to say hello. My parents are really easy to get along with, but its always sort of awkward if you know what i mean. After we said our hellos we left and went to Downtown Disney since we were so far south already. It was fun, i never knew they built up the hotel areas so much, and its a pretty fun place to explore.

    Sunday we went on our training run, and split and afterwards split an omelet, some coffee, and oj at the farmers market. We needed the energy for the fun of moving apartments, and thankfully i don’t have that much stuff. Joy i found out is an expert packer and i recommend her services to anyone in need of some day labor, her night services aren’t bad either. Kidding! they’re too expensive for me to know.

    Today thankfully my dad is coming by today to help paint my apartment, so i feel so lucky right now.