Let me in or let me out


So last night when i got back to my apartment, i got into the elevator, and accidentally dropped my keys down the elvator shaft.  Talk about a f’d up situation.  I was in the building but couldn’t get into my apartment, my car was outside, but those keys went down the shaft as well.

I kindly had to wake up my neighbor to get the number to the building manager, but when i called no one picked up.  I had so few options, I called jonathan, no answer, called janelle, no answer, then i was like who else?  I contimplated calling my mom, but that would suck really bad for her.  I was really in a loss for options, that was like man it really sucks not knowing that many people here.  Thankfully i gave jonathan another call, and he kindly picked me up so i could sleep at their place last night.

Thankfully this is the last month of being in that building considering that they are starting to raise people’s rent also.  So i just sent in my moving out letter, and i have to start packing.  No house warming this time though, last year’s still haunts me.


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