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    Skinny is so Passé


    300 was a great movie, and now i understand how a 9:55pm showing in culver city could be so close to selling out.  I’m so ready to hit the gym and just start pounding the weights till i get my greek body.  Hoping not to sound too gay, but even i was amazed at how ripped all the guys were.  The story was really good, and the imagery was crazy good.  There were some female boob action going on too which always is a plus.

    The movie concluded a very good weekend, so good that i couldn’t fall asleep last night, and now im paying the price of it.  The original plan for sunday was to head out to Laguna beach to shoot the engagement photos, but the day was completely overcast, and the lighting wasn’t very good for their hawaiian theme needs.  That worked out just fine because i ended up picked up ben to go for a run at the beach,  eat breakfast at the santa monica farmers market, then proceeded to help him paint his bathroom.  It was nice to get away from the computer screen.