The ice cube known as Veil


I’m tired, sore, dirty, and pretty bored out here in Veil.  We just got done walking around the village, and i was sorely dissappointed with it.  It really is the Beverly Hills of Colorado.  I seriously think we’re the only asians, and south americans out here, because i my sister honestly heard some guys doing the whole ching chang chong thing behind our backs.  The snow out here is not what i had hoped for, but we managed to find some good runs, and had a good time.  Lets just say that i wont be waking up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  The whole team is meshing well, and laughs are a plenty even if i’m the only one drinking.


  1. aziz

    reminds ya of ACS, ching chong ching chong!



  2. hatsforbats

    fob is number one.

  3. jenn

    love the hair! it’s sexy! hehe!

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