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    Mental and Physical


    After months of spending freely on stuff i don’t really care about, like parking tickets, rent, and bills, and finally bought a couple books i’ve just been looking forward to reading. Sometimes i have difficulty spending money on things for myself that i should probably spend less on, like alcohol.

    Heat is Bryant special that i actually picked up and read the first 100 pages at borders on a quiet saturday afternoon, but that feels like ages ago.  Its all about his head chef Mario Batali, and his progression to where he is now. The second was just one that caught my eye while in a book store, and i have no idea what its about.

    hand.jpgIts a good thing that these came in, because yesterday we took a bike ride to drop off a fedex package, and i completely ate shit on the way back to the office. I can’t really explain what happened, but in the end i tumbled over the handle bars, tearing up my left palm, re-dislocating my right pinkie (its basically detachable now), and just had an overall embarrasing experience. So i’ll be taking it easy for just a little while at least.

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    A weekend in the life

    I’m a big fan of the classic weekend.  Having a relaxed Saturday morning, just cleaning up the house, have breakfast, and watch some cartoons.  Then meet up with some friends for lunch, this weekend happened to be with Mia(IR),  Jonathan and Janelle.  We went to Culver City to at this asian fusion place called Beacon.  It was nice, i had some green tea soba noodles with shrimp, i really needed something light after the past week of just being a fatty.  Saturday night i went out with Roland to this club in downtown LA called tatou or something link that.  The girls there were ok, purely a chinese venue, and our bartender was nice of enough to give us a free shot.  I also learned that she bartends at 14th below in Santa Monica on some nights, so maybe i’ll have to check that place out again, because I haven’t been there since the ex turned 21, which was amazingly like three years ago.

    Sunday i slept over at the parent’s house, and basically acted like i was twelve again.  Woke up, parents weren’t around, turned on the TV, and made myself a ham and egg croissant.  I basically stayed in my PJs, watching Nascar, the Lakers, until 5 when i went to play poker at Steve’s house.

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    Traffic rehash


    So i’ve been out in LA now for about a year, and even if my commute has tripled within the last two months to a whole three miles i am so glad i don’t have a real commute.  With my last couple jobs my drive time was a minimum of thirty minutes each way, up to an hour and a half to two whole hours to get to and from work.  I lived with it, i got used to it, heck driving from costa mesa to UCLA got pretty easy once you were doing it twice a weekend.  So last night Jonathan and I tried to get to Westwood to catch a free screening of the Zodiac and we gave ourselves about fourty five minutes to literally drive eight miles.  I have totally forgotten what its like out there once a drop of water hits the road.  The streets were jam packed with drivers trying to get home, and we were stuck in the middle of it.  No chance of making the movie we continued driving to the farmers market to get some nice N’awlins cooking, and beer at the same time.  In any case for those that have any sort of commute time, i feel for you, but i don’t envy you.

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    Mine all mine


    Well i finally did it. With a little help from my mom, i finally finished off paying off my little Honda Si. I was really debating about getting its older brother the s2000, but now that its paid off i’m going to have to hold on to it for a little while. Its still a great little car, with plenty of kick, and lots of cargo room for me to haul all my crap in. Plus its still one of the more original cars out there on the road, and they’ll be even less as time goes by. I hope that it becomes a collectors item one day, for the stick shift alone. Maybe i’ll finally get some racks for it, and just keep my old snowboard on it so that it looks cool.

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    All in the family


    I’ve always considered friends as family, and i believe that family are friends. I don’t get to hang out with all my friends as i used to, but it seems everytime is for a bigger and bigger occasion. This weekend was a great day for Jason and Jia’s wedding out on the Newport Marina. It was a bit interesting because it was my first boat wedding, and i was half expecting to see someone show up at port right as the boat left shore. That’ll teach people to be late to events. I did get quite sick of having people ask me, so you’re next, when are you getting married, are you seeing anyone, and all i could answer was nope, not even close.

    Sunday Curtis and Jocelyn invited us over for a house warming of their newly finished townhouse in Lakewood. They cooked up a pile of spam musubi, some burgers, lots of beers, and lots of shots of crown, and jack. I was pretty drunk by the end of the night, and it was good times for sure. We even took a little detour at the end of the night that i wont speak of here.

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    Where’s the passion?

    teamdiscovery.jpgThe question came up about how did we get so passionate about this sport of snowboarding. To think back, and to think about it now, its never really been about the snowboarding for me. It started out as something to do with friends, and for the most part thats what its still all about. Sure i enjoy it more now than ever, but the funnest part of it is doing with my friends, because the stories you get to bring back are only good if you have somebody you can remember it with. These adventures lose a lot of their fervor if you’re the only one that actually experienced it. As much as you want people to know how intense an experience was, if they weren’t there also they’ll never trully understand what you mean.

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    Vail Closure


    So we end another successful snowboard adventure with everyone alive, and lots of stories to tell. We were sad to leave because it was snowing all night, and there was a good eight inches of fresh snow outside our condo window, meaning that the mountain probably got over a t of fresh powder. Overall everyone had a good time, and got to know some cool new people. Next year Jackson Hole, Park City, or Telluride?

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    Powder Day


    Finally after a day of crap, and a day with a little better condition, we have a powder day. We actually woke up, and made it to the resort before the first lift of the day were running. It snowed all day long, and we were able to hit up some the back mountains for some awesome runs, and some mini cliff jumps. It was nice to finally walk away from with a good taste in my mouth, but there’s something about this place that still doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe it has to do with all the cougars on the prowl.

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    The ice cube known as Veil


    I’m tired, sore, dirty, and pretty bored out here in Veil.  We just got done walking around the village, and i was sorely dissappointed with it.  It really is the Beverly Hills of Colorado.  I seriously think we’re the only asians, and south americans out here, because i my sister honestly heard some guys doing the whole ching chang chong thing behind our backs.  The snow out here is not what i had hoped for, but we managed to find some good runs, and had a good time.  Lets just say that i wont be waking up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  The whole team is meshing well, and laughs are a plenty even if i’m the only one drinking.

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    How much meat can you handle?


    There’s nothing like coming home and smelling like dinner. David and I have been salivating about going to Manna again, basically since the last night we ate there some months ago. I really tried to get people to go, but alas only Roland could make it on my side, and David’s friend Joy could make it. I almost forgot that Roland and Joy used to work together at MGM, but i purposely forgot to mention who were going, so i knew it was going to be a fun evening that no one was expecting.

    I normally ALWAYS must have someone who speaks Korean with me when i go anywhere close to a Korean restaraunt, so i figured we were safe with at least David’s amount of the Korean language. The funniest thing was that i had the best luck at getting the attention of the waitresses, and getting anything i needed, with little more than finger pointing and grunting with a full mouth. David and Joy’s attempts were a little less than successful. About 20 pounds of meat later, we were all stuffed, and had to be rolled out of the place.

    Not just once, but twice in only a few days i got to eat Korean BBQ. My freshman buddy Caroline from high school was in town from St. Louis for some company conference. Its so wierd to talk to her about work, marriage, and other adult subjects, because i always remember her as that little kid that knew more about sex than i did. So I picked her up, and drove back to KTown. It wasn’t so much of a glutton fest as the previous night, but just as good as before. I figured it was probably better to go to a nicer Korean restaraunt since she was dressed a little nicer than what you should wear to Manna (i.e. clothes from the previous week that you happen to do yard work in). I guess i’ll be heading to visit her sometime in the spring since she might be moving to Las Vegas, and she wants me to run the St. Louis Marathon with her, but i doubt the latter will happen.