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    Adventures in Graphic Design


    Sometimes i wonder if i’m the one crazy?  Every now and then we’ll have a potential client that comes in to discuss a project that they would like our help with.  Usually within 2 minutes of their pitch i can get a good feel if its got potential or if its complete crap.  I’ll usually give them the benefit of the doubt so i’ll let them continue. Ten minutes in and the only thing i can think of is what is the nicest way to say your idea is crap, i don’t think you’ll pay us enough, and get the hell out of my life.  I guess its the difference between people who just think up shit all day and don’t actually have the skill set to make it happen versus those who actually know how to do, and know right away what the flaws are and can rationally move on.

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    Have you done your stretches?


    Only a little more than a week left before my trip to vail.  Everybody has been calling, and im’ing talking about if i’m ready for the trip.  Personally i still need to buy some extra long johns, and maybe a new beanie.  The snow locally hasn’t been that great this season, and i know everyone isn’t going to be as warmed up as they should be.  I hope they have some good t-shirts to add to my two Whistler shirts, and one Brighton shirt.

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    Paying Hollywood


    Last night after working a ton of hours this week, i went out with Ben and Tiff to watch Epic Movie out in Marina Del Rey. I knew it was going to be a bad movie, and it did not disappoint. It was sooooo bad that it was good. There was even a questionnaire afterwards, and literally i had to give a movie an F, and i would not even buy it on DVD. It was absolutely what i needed to turn off my brain for the week.

    Today Chu gave me a call that she was dropping by because she was up visiting her sister in Thousand Oaks. We went out to Culver City to watch Children of Men, and grab some lunch at Santa Marina BBQ. The movie was pretty good, but i got a little sick because we were sitting a little close to the screen, and the way the camera shaked throughout the movie. I do have a spot for those not so distant future movies, that have a little bit of a dark theme. The BBQ place a little below par, but overall it was a nice afternoon for a gloomy day.

    Finally Roland invited me to watch Smokin’ Aces at the NBC Universal backlot, but sadly they movie was filled to capacity so we got denied that. It was fine by me though, because Roland took me up to his office and showed me around the lot. I love getting to go “back stage” it always makes me feel like im somewhere special, just like the first time i got to see the backstage of Disneyland. I got to actually drive my car around the backlot where the normal tram takes you. It was a very unique experience to drive through it at night, with a light rain coming down. I just really wished i had my camera, because i don’t think i’ll see it like that again. No movie, but all the better to me.

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    No TV No Beer make Homer go something something …


    Work has been a little out of control lately.  We pumped out the Winter X Games media guide, still working on the Disney Branding site, and have a ton of Schwarzkopf collateral that we’ve got on our plate.  Jonathan left to Aspen today to snowboard, and schmooze the X Games folks for hopefully more work.  Since he’s going to be gone we had to hire a temp to do some production work in his absence.  Work is really starting to pile up, and putting in these twelve hour working days are starting to cramp my style.

    On a more personal note, i think i may just move into Ben and Tiffany’s apartment when they move out in March.  Its only another $150 a month, and its a two bedroom, so i can use the other room as an office, or find a roommate to split the cost with me.  We’ll see, but at least it would be nice to at least have a parking space.  So anyone looking to move out to Santa Monica with me?

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    Generation Gap


    I think the count is seven marriages/engagements, and five kids.  Roland and I are basically the last ones coming left standing from the old neighborhood.  Roland might be married to his job, but i started my attempts to meet some girls.  Roland and I went to Club Vegas in Newport Beach on Friday night and met some high maintenance Korean chicks (literally they said that when they walked up to us).  The bar/club was pretty cool, lots of people, and decent prices for drinks, but still not completely my scene. Saturday night we went out again this time with Jenn to one of her friend’s birthday parties, but not much was going on there so we tried Mai Tai’s but it was too busy to get in, so we ended up meeting up with the Jonathan, Janelle, Thomas, and Bergt at the Prospector to watch a band perform.  Sunday was Steve and Rachel’s baby shower, and most everyone was there with kids in tow.  Its interesting to see the kids getting older, and running around all on their own.

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    Finally In


    After waiting for a month and a half for Verizon to turn on our office DSL, it took Earthlink to turn our DSL on in less than three business days.  Talk about quality of service, the Earthlink reps didn’t even know it was already turned on.  It feels good finally to back in the office, because working from home is not the best environment for me personally.  Its literally 10:00pm and i’m still in the office and it feels great.  We had a client come over for some work, and Ben dropped by to hang out a bit.  We ate at Tommy’s for lunch, and Subway for dinner.  Its going to feel great to get back to the apartment and have the Tivo full of tv shows to watch … what the hell is going on with my life?  Please call me, i beg you.

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    Models Wanted


    The other day i was looking at some professional photographer’s pictures, and i really wish i could shoot better pictures.  Saturday i did my best to work on my art direction, and location shooting, and i think i got a couple decent shots.  We traveled up and down the 110 freeway into downtown LA and shot at some really cool places like the LA river and train yard.  Its crazy to think that there are people living out there, because it was freezing like the mountains yesterday. I guess one day i might just have to hire somebody to go out with me so i don’t feel bad about making them stand around and take shot after shot until i get something that i like.

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    The week of blur


    Last night ended a week that i barely even knew.  Reiko of Eenie Meenie took us out with her new band Great Northern to Yabu in West Hollywood.  I had been craving sushi for a long time now, i haven’t had any for at least six months so it was a treat to finally get some.  A little Hamachi, a little sake, and of course a little Kirin made everything so nice.  A little back scratching here, and little work there and the right network of friends can really bring you far in this world.  I think i could have made it as a Doctor, or a Lawyer if i really tried, but this world seems just that much funner right now.

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    Mammoth Recap


    I’m adding this trip as one of the better ones to Mammoth. Both days we got to rode with fresh powder, and blue bird skies. I got to test out my new jacket that shane got me, and the new helmet that my mom paid for. Both worked out great, but i think my helmet looks big on my head, I really need to work out my shoulders more. I mostly rode with Shane and Ben in the trees, while the other group basically taught each other on the bunny slopes. As for the other people, David, Ee Ming, Erica, Bryan, Christina, Jay, My, and Timmy were cool people to hang out with, but it was a change that i was the alcy amongst everyone. The cabin was a packed house, but I think everyone was comfortable, and i didn’t snore too much. No one got hurt, and we’ve all left with a few good memories, so all in all a good trip. Oh, and Ee Ming bought me a new Coach wallet for my birthday/xmas present since my other one is starting to fall apart, Thanks again!

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    The Take Down


    I have personally deteremined that there are four types of snowboarders.

    The constant newb, you can find them doing the falling leaf ALL the way down the mountain, but often are dressed to the nines with the matching outfit. They are likely too hard headed, or stubborned to take lessons, or take advice from people with the best intentions, and think that they’re being yelled at all the time.

    The amateur expert, they’ve conquered the black diamonds, have all the latest equipment and often burn down the bunny slopes with total disregard to the newbs, and think they have some sort of reason of being inside the the freestyle park. They are often gathered in large groups around one small table top, that the majority will not have enough speed to reach the transitions.

    Then there’s the casual professional, they have no real life job skills, but have the freedom to spend the entire ski season to work at a ski resort, and board every chance that they can. They hail from all over the world, drink heavily, and have the shortest term memory. You can often meet them on ski lifts, and are easily identifiable because they reek of pot, and shorten all words into one syllable equivalences.

    Finally there’s the idiot adventurers, they need to travel to new resorts to obtain some sort of high that can only be reached by spending way too much money to do things that their bodies weren’t really made to do in the first place. Surprisingly some are very well spoken, and do very little damage to their body in the form of alcohol, drugs, or sex.

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    Safety First!


    Finally after six months of planning, our Mammoth Mountain trip has arrived.  We’ve actually been talking about this little adventure since the middle of June i think, and even had the cabin booked since September.  Looks like a storm is on its way, and we’re expecting some fresh snow all weekend long.  So as a favor to my family, i went out and got myself a helmet, but honestly my head has been least of my fears when out on the mountains.  I’ve always had a bigger fear of falling off the sides of the mountain, breaking bones, and basically being torn to shreds going through the trees.  Well now maybe i’ll try that 360 method grab off a table top i’ve always dreamed of doing =).

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    Year in Review 2006


    Best Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
    I really thought this movie was going to depress the hell out of me, but surprisingly at the end i left the theater with a smile.

    Runner ups: X3, Jackass 2

    Best TV show : Top Chef
    This is one of those shows that i have no idea why i like it so much. I literally can watch reruns of the show over and over and over again. I guess its the different challenges that make the chefs cook everything from cheetos to foie gras, and the secret desire that i have to be able to cook.

    Runner ups: Heroes, 5 takes

    Best Album: Rock Kills Kid – Are you Nervous?
    This album for me mixed in a little of the 80s, and 90s into an album that i could listen to from start to finish.

    Runner ups: Sergio – Timeless, Muse – Black Holes and Revelations

    Best Concert: Sergio Mendez / Hollywood Bowl
    Not much more to say than the concert rocked, and it was pretty cool with the wine and cheese.

    Runner ups: Raconteurs, Bitter:Sweet

    Best Book – Marley and Me
    Forgive me if i get a little sentimental with dogs, i’ve only had like six my whole life.

    Runners Ups: The Soul of a Chef

    Best Trip – New York
    It was fun to travel with my Nina, and to visit family and friends, and eat like pigs.

    Runner Ups: Whistler, Las Vegas

    Best Party – Jonathan and Janelle Wedding
    One of the few reasons why people from around the world will come together, and just completely wasted with each other.

    Runner ups: Jonathan’s bachelor’s party, Brian’s birthday

    Best Place to Eat – Manna Korean BBQ
    All you can eat Korean BBQ for $15? Whats not to love here? Its already making me hungryRunner Ups: The Counter, Fatty Crab