The Good and the Bad


Good = Playing basketball to stay in shape
Bad = Dislocating another finger

Good = Having good tv series on air
Bad = Winter hiatus (Lost, Heroes)

Good = Living by yourself eating what ever you want
Bad = Living by yourself eating what ever you want

Good = Smell of fresh laundry
Bad = Weeks of smelly luandry

Good = Being responsible
Bad = Not being very much fun

Good = Having lots of friends
Bad = Not enough in LA


  1. Aziz

    we need to invent a machine that does your laundry and then folds it when its finished!

    stupid heroes and lost going on haitus! =[

  2. beakatude

    Oh basketball…I think it’s your worst enemy (i.e. broken finger, broken ankle, broken back).

  3. or better yet, invent clothes that don’t get dirty and always smell fresh.

  4. beakatude

    Just take it to the Magical House when it opens again.

  5. What?! The magic house is CLOSED?!

    Anyway, you’re looking good, Chimmy, so bball isn’t your worst enemy.

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