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    I’m just glad its over


    This has been one really rough year, and my horoscope even tried to warn me, so i’m glad that its over.  In retrospect i’ve learned a lot this year, probably more than i ever wanted to know about myself, but i guess its always better in the long term.  I might just sleep through the night watching some movies, i think my liver could use the break.  Also I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, i don’t need anything more for me to worry about next year, my plate is already full.

    I hope everyone will be safe out there tonight, and i’ll see you all next year!

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    Treats from around the world


    I remember when i was in high school, i always wanted to know people around the world.  I always felt to isolated to the people from Cerritos, so maybe thats why i’ve always wanted to move away, even just to LA.  I really like learning about how life is in other cities, and even in other countries, just to compare it to what i know.  I’m still not sure if i’m ready to move away from LA, but the urge is growing. This week has been really fun for me with so many out of towners around for the holidays.  I’m glad that they think i’m special enough to keep in touch with, because i’m always wondering what my friends are up to.

    Tuesday night i met up with WanYu at Al Noor for dinner to catch up, and to eat some spicy food.  I guess her husband can’t really eat anything spicy so she has to go out on her own for the burny foods.  Fine by me, because you know Al Noor is still the best.

    Wednesday Jonathan and I met up with Mia and Cheryl at Mao’s Kitchen to just to catch up and talk about what’s going on over at International Rectifier.  Looks like there was a major re-org just within my old department and the mood is still a bit nervous.  Afterwards my old friend from Disneyland, Esme came in to town from Portland to visit her family.  She really made me feel good about living in LA, and she’s still hating on Pale town as she calls it.  Hopefully she’ll be moving back here or to New York soon.  I took her to Urth Cafe which i still think is rich hippie hang out to make people feel better about themselves by overpaying for lettuce.

    Thursday my sister came by to pick up Sim City so that she had something to do with her time off next week, and i took her to this burger joint called the Counter.  The burgers were one of the best, and it was fun getting to build it from the ground up.  At night i had what i like to consider my New Year’s Eve Party.  Klaus flew in all the way from Amsterdam to visit some friends and we all hung out at Tony’s new apartment out in Silverlake.  Its a pretty sweet location with a view of the reservoir.  We drank well past midnight, and even had Nelson and Janelle pass out in the middle of Tony’s living room.  Good times by all … i think.

    I was basically a wreck today, i could barely get my eyes to focus on anything, and needed to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  Tomorrow i’ve got some work to catch up on, and maybe some laundry.

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    The Gift of Giving


    Friday Shane invited me to the City Lights Dream Center again to shoot some photos for the Christmas charity give away.  Shane got Active Skate Shop to donate $61,000 worth of clothing, gear, and accessories.  Kids from all around the center were invited to win a bunch of stuff, while parents were allowed to pick out clothes for however many kids they had.


    As for my Christmas weekend I took a last minute trip to Mammoth which completely rocked.  The mountains were sunny, with a little breeze, and fresh powder to be found on the backside.  The trees were still untouched for us to explore, and soft snow to plow through.  I even forgot my contacts, and jacket but had no problem wearing my goggles over my glasses, and my zip hoody to keep me warm.  It was a good warm up, for two weeks from now.  On a side note, Vail is going to be crazy now that another five people have decided to join us.

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    Delayed Reaction



    Welcome to Eat.Sleep.Work.’s new office located in Santa Monica. I’d be even more excited but we’ve been delayed to start working in there until the 9th of January because of Verizon’s incompetence to setup our DSL correctly.  Now Jonathan and i are stuck working from our respective homes until the new year.  Not to say that its all bad, since i got sick this week, but i’d rather seperate home and work.  Its too easy to walk over to the couch and check out whats on the Tivo, and i’m just stuck in my apartment all day long.

    This year i’ve made it a point to buy presents for some friends and family since i haven’t done it for a few years now.  Its really beginning to be difficult to buy things for people since most now make enough to buy what ever they want already.  I’d be happy if we would just get a little bit more snow on the mountains just like the people out in Colorado.

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    The giving and drinking season


    Talk about at two different ends of the spectrum. I had a couple Xmas parties to go to on Saturday night the first was Jenn’s youth group dinner to raise money for the relief effort from last month’s Typhoon Durian (I had no idea this had happened). They served dinner, played music, and raffled off a bunch of stuff. I actually won the grand prize of a 30gb Ipod, but gave it to Jenn’s cousin Teresa since i didn’t need it and its the sharing season isn’t it? It was a pretty safe and sane party to say the least.

    Afterwards i drove down Hermosa Beach for Andrea’s Xmas party where the booze flowed like laundry in the wind. I restrained myself from drinking because i knew the cops would be out in full force (and they were), and i had to drive all the way back up to west LA. I still had fun though, im starting to learn how to have fun sober, plus the night before at Air Conditioned did a number on me. Jim Beam and water will do it to me with the quickness. The most creative gift at the White Elephant exchange was the “Bum in a Box” it came complete with a blanket (newspapers), pillow (piece of cardboard), a job (cardboard signs), hobo gloves, beanie, a bottle of night train, a bottle of thunderbird, and a lotto ticket. Jodi was gracious enough for let everyone partake in the lovely beverages, and everyone agreed that it was best not to relive our youths by having to drink that stuff regularly anymore.

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    Its booked


    My annual ski trip has been finalized, and we’re headed to Vail. The same travelling buddies from last year will be going, with the addition of Benjoseph, and Joy, remember her? With 96″ of snow already its looking to be a good trip to go on. Our cabin is good to fit 10 people, so we still got room for three more people.

    Flights out to Denver were about $160 so the costs weren’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. The cabin is about the same, but will be cheaper if more people come. Lift tickets are well, … expensive. Its about the normal overall costs for one of our trips, and plus vail was rated the best resort in the country.  Get that pint of Fat Tire ready, because here we come.

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    For the name of science!


    I personally think that the vegi ones are worse, they can be quite pungent. I’ve known some people that could clear out a car, but the really bad ones that could clear an entire office. What great lenghts man will go for the name of science, but i would have to pass, unless they paid me a lot of money, i’d say $40 bucks, plus maybe a fried twinkie would do it.

    I spend ungodly amount of time online, and i’m pretty sure you all can tell by my instant message presence. So I present to you my findings from last week. A Smile. A Hug (Thanks Tracy). Some Fun. And hopefully a Laugh.

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    The Good and the Bad


    Good = Playing basketball to stay in shape
    Bad = Dislocating another finger

    Good = Having good tv series on air
    Bad = Winter hiatus (Lost, Heroes)

    Good = Living by yourself eating what ever you want
    Bad = Living by yourself eating what ever you want

    Good = Smell of fresh laundry
    Bad = Weeks of smelly luandry

    Good = Being responsible
    Bad = Not being very much fun

    Good = Having lots of friends
    Bad = Not enough in LA