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    One track mind


    Yes i too have fallen into the mindset that i wish snow would just get here already.  I’ve been in constant communications with all friends about trips to mammoth, tahoe, utah, colorado, and even whistler again.  I can’t really say that i’m dying to go, because i’m dead broke at the moment, and i don’t need another expense to go along with all the other daily expenditures in my life.  I’m really trying to focus on working this month so that i can relax for at least 3 days in a row next year.

    I am enjoy the brisk weather we are having lately, even though fall is about a month late, meaning winter is probably going to be pushed back along with it.  At least i get to break out my new scarf, and new hobo gloves, and yes i know i’m gay for thinking that, but what are you going to do?

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    The more things change …


    … the more they stay the same.

    I have to admit this was one of my better thanksgiving weekend. I’ve had this holiday in the past to be very ghetto with the KFC dinner, to being by myself doing my own credit check.

    This year was nice that i could spend every day with all my friends and family. Thursday i spent the day, going for a run with my sister and koa, while making fun of jesse and all his WoWing and turkey cooking. Dinner was nice and uneventful with the Lao’s and the Chiembanchong’s together for another year.

    Friday afternoon was spent with Brian and Roland back at La Mirada Golf Course hanging out with all the Korean golfers. With two wins in a row, i’m feeling pretty good about my game going into next year. At night i met up with with Jonathan, Nelson, and Janlle for a little more socializing. We had some dinner at Sushi of Naples in Belmont Shores, and a little drinking at Mai Tai’s.

    Saturday i spent the day helping Janelle get her brand new Mini Cooper S. I have to say they are pretty cool little cars. I would totally get a convertable if i didn’t look so gay in it. Then we met up in Melrose to visit Bryant at Mozza, since thats the only way we’re going to be able to hang out with him for the next few months as his restaurant gets up and going on its own. This time we saw Fred Savage, and Wolfgang Puck there, and it was more funny than anything else.

    So even as we all get a little older, some getting married, some having kids, its good to know that everyone is still the great people that I’ve always known them to be.

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    Extended Cousins Dinner


    The cousins from both my dad and mom’s side gathered for the first time for dinner at my sister’s house last night.  The wine flowed all night long along with the smoked cheeses, poker, and prime rib.  Too bad there was a miscalculation with the cook time due to the largeness of the piece of meat, so we didn’t get to eat until 10pm.

    To work it off this morning my sister and I took a run up Shady Canyon to visit all the rich people in their large mansions.  With more cousin kids on the way its a whole other world here in the heart of Orange County.  We must have passed a hundred strollers and parents while we were on our run.  Koa was pretty beat after the run, and basically passed out after we got back to the house.

    Tonight, the turkey is in the oven already.

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    Holiday Get Away

    Tonight is usually one of the funnest nights to go out.  Everyone from out of town is back in, and just ready to go drinking the night before they’re stuck with the family.  Thankfully i like hanging out with the fam, but it is nice to get together with the friends we don’t see very much of anymore.  I guess i’m really not going to be missing much since we had a little high school reunion last weekend for toan’s birthday, but still its so much.  Tonight i have to fight off traffic to make it down to my sister’s “cousins dinner” with my cousin ishya and billy coming down from san jose for the weekend.  Prime Rib goodness is on the menu tonight, and even though i went to Lawry’s last week, its always a treat in my book.

    I’m looking to get in a little turkey, football, work, and hopefully a little golf with the old neighbors the rest of the weekend.  I expect to see everyone on the treadmill come this monday.

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    Life in a Box

    Costco sells what i’d like to refer as Religion in a box, its comes with a bible, cross, and some other stuff. Soon they’ll be a life in a box that you can purchase yourself for the low low price of $19.95. This one of a kind offer will be the hit of your next office white elephant gift exchange. Included will be a job that makes good money but leaves you utterly unmotivated, a relationship that will make you satisfied but comes with a set of rules that bring you both to some understanding where mutual fun is impossible. Finally it’ll top it off with a set of friends where the only way that you can get together is when they buy their own Life in a Box.

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    Life Revisited


    I finally got the pictures back from Janelle from Las Vegas. Even after seeing the pictures, i can’t believe how many people came up to me.  I felt special. Enjoy.

    On another note, i just realized how weak professional basketball players are. I mean Monday nights i play ball with a bunch of guys at the school gym near my house, and we play for a good two hours straight, with breaks only if there are more than eight players.  Where you have the NBA where the max in a normal game is 48 minutes, and thats only if you play every minute, plus they have player substitutions, time outs, quarter and half time breaks.  The highest average minutes play was only about 42 minutes.

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    Ok, i’ve had a lot of good times at Disneyland, but this night has to rank as one of the top ones.  Andrea was celebrating her 28th birthday and it was one not to be missed. This even on the only day i have ever known of Disneyland to be sold out.  The place was quite busy due to Veterans weekend, like 80 minute wait for space mountain, but in the end amazingly we got on all the major rides, watched the fireworks, and even caught the last showing of Fantasmic.  It was a bit slow due to the crowds, but at dinner it got a whole lot funner.  Janelle and I split a pitcher of Sangria, and a bottle of wine and at that point everyone was having a good time.  We got back into the park and just rocked it, running from the Haunted Mansion, to Pirates, then to Honey i shrunk the audience. They’re even giving away birthday buttons now to replace the cheap-o stickers.  I guess i found two things i’m good for in this world, Driving Directions, and Disney tours.
    I’m happy that i got another trip to dland because i would be sad if another annual pass went to waste.  Thats another story though.

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    Wait was that Tommy Lee?


    Living out on the westside i’ve gotten accustomed to seeing Mercedez S classes outside my office, Ferrari’s outside my apartment, woman with the most obvious tit jobs at el pollo loco, and countless other greedy things that people need to make themselves feel good. This morning when Jonathan picked me up for work we drove by the Recording Studio across from my apartment and we could swear Tommy Lee was just walking around outside.

    Crazy how little i can care about all the celebrities just living their life around me. Don’t think you’re getting any special treatment if you’re behind me in line at Starbucks, you’re just going to have to wait like every other person. Within the last six months i almost got into an accident with James Wood, grossed out Michelle Rodriguez at dinner, and hang out with Ty Barnett even before Last Comic Standing. The ones that really amaze me are the people who you basically grew up with and find them doing amazing stuff.

    Last night we passed by the UCLA Hammer Museum and right in the main lobby was art that we knew! Christine Nguyen was a girl that went to Long Beach State, and UCI when we went to school and now she has the entire lobby of the museum filled with her work. I remember the first time i met her was hanging out in her little art studio at UCI, while we waitied to see another art show on campus. I need to really pump out some of my photos out there.

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    Election Day What? Who?


    My sense of reality is slightly coming back to me.  I did read that Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death, that the democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives, and that Mr. Spears will have to be looking for a new chick to get pregnant, i’m putting my money on Lindsay Lohan.

    Beyond that i have no idea what else is going on past five miles of WLA.  For once here at work we enjoyed the light workload that we’ve had for the past two weeks, and thankfully we did because it looks like i’m going to disappear once again. This time for about three months, but thankfully i believe that we’ll have a little bit more control of the workflow.  We’ve almost confirmed a job with Disney Consumer Products, and putting in a bid for a brazillian clothing company soon.  If all goes through, jonathan and i are going to get a pair of G35s.  That would be sweet …. ya sweeet.

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    Bynum for MVP!


    … maybe in 2008. Last night i stayed in to catch the opening games of the NBA season, and was i surprised at what i saw. I was very interested to see how Mr. 19 year old Andrew Bynum would handle himself with his first NBA start, and i was thoroughly impressed.  He didn’t back down, posted up, rebounded, and passed out a few nice assist underneath the basket.  Odom owned the game, and hopefully when Kobe gets back, he’ll continue doing so.
    The first game made me remember that Dwayne Wade is still crazy good, hurt hand and all.  He drove down the lane, in between some defenders, and i couldn’t even explained what he did to make it in.  After that i literally saw four commercials that Wade was in, one for his new shoe, one for t-mobile, and few i dont’ remember. Then the Bulls literally just destroyed what was left of the Miami Heat. Tyrus Thomas looked like he was still in the NCAA tournament from last year blocking Shaq, and dunking back a rebound.  Ben Wallace looks like the Bulls savior as a defending, blocking, rebounding machine, to help out the little white guy on the court (hinrich).

    Tonight the Clippers take on the Suns, and King James also takes court. If you haven’t seen the LeBron’s new commercial, i think its pretty hilarious.