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    Happy Birthday j-weezy


    Vegas for halloween, what’s not to love about public drinking, mass hordes of half naked girls, flashing lights, and money to gamble. It did not disappoint, well except for a few things. The past five years or so i always missed jonathan’s birthdays because of another holiday that i used to have to celebrate, so i was very stoked that i could finally accompany him to Vegas to do a little partying.

    Talk about ghetto/luxo life. We booked our trip a little late, so we ended up having to drive to vegas, and stay at the Travel Lodge, by far the crappiest place on the strip, then went to some new club called MoOn at the top of Palms Hotel. Jonathan’s cousin from NY told us to meet her at the Palms, so me not having any nice clothes had to wear my costume both nights of the trip. At first i was a bit hesitant on how people would react to my outfit, but i could not have imagined how much attention i got. It might have helped that barely anyone was dressed up the first night, but seriously if i had any game what so ever i should have left with someone i didn’t know. Girls and Guys were just fascinated with my silly little costume, i’ll have some pictures up later.

    The second day we had a quite a bummer of news, as janelle got word that her grandfather had passed away, so she had to take a flight back to LA to meet up with her mom so that they could fly to Hong Kong together. At night we went to a cancer research charity house party, where we were hanging out with some gold diggers, spoiled rich kids, and a roller derby chick, and those weren’t even their costumes. With the free booze flowing, and the halloween atmosphere going everyone was pretty nice, but utterly crazy. Seriously, i have to say i’m not a prude normally, but half the people i talked to either had kids, were getting divorced before the age of 30, or were spending daddy’s money like there was no tomorrow. Maybe it was wierd to me because we were the only asians there, haha.

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    Karma Police


    My laptop just happened to be one of the computers that had a recalled battery.  So i filled out the form and they sent me my brand new battery in the mail.  This was one of those might explode batteries so i was happy to return it to the manufacturer, so I left it outside the office for the mailman to pick it up yesterday.  Today we got into the office and Jonathan happened to bring in the box in with no battery in it, but not that it matters to me.  Well i hope that the person who stole it gets a nice surprise when they’re in the middle of something important.  Sometimes i think of very bad things about all the shady people in the world. Its not evil, its just karma.

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    Hold the beef please

    I didn’t realize till the end of tonight that i basically had spent the entire day not eating meat. I didn’t really plan on it, it just happened. Lunch was a falafel at the Cafe Dehab where i always thought it was only a hooka place. Decent food, but pooooooor service, i think the server was higher than than a Snoop Dogg on a Friday. Dinner was some cold soba from Mishima near the Beverly Center.  I wouldn’t say that i didn’t enjoy my meals, but i still don’t think i could do it every day.  Tomorrow i think i’m going to try to get out to Father’s Office for a nice juicy burger.

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    Happy Birthday Mom


    Today is my mom’s birthday. Normally that would mean a trip to Lawry’s but my mom just had Lawry’s Cutlery last week with my sister so i decided to go to Kincaids in Redondo Beach. Only if everyone else could have gotten there on time they would’ve seen an awesome sunset, but c’est la vie. I powered through this huge piece of NY steak, and got to enjoy my mom’s creme brulée for dessert. I felt like such a fatty, but was pretty proud of myself of getting through most of it.

    Afterwards Jonathan and I went to Liquid Kitty for a night cap, and was not surprised to find the place almost completely empty. That was until some band setup, and a fairly decent amount of people came to partake the musical experience. I wouldn’t say that i’m a big jazz buff, but i think i can really get into it. Lyrics can get in the way of just feeling the music being played. I think i’m going to have find jazz club to hit up.

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    What’s the sound of a cat’s tail being cut off?


    Sure i just turned 27, but man do i still love my cartoons. More than half of my tivo is filled with The Simpsons, Futurama, Drawn Together, so on and so forth. So when i was looking around the museums, i stumbled upon the California Science Center’s Cartoon Network Exhibit, now showing through december. Pretty cool stuff, even if it was for kids, but the video stuff was even fun for the adults. They had one setup to take 14 snapshots and then replayed them on the TV monitor, and another setup where the did the bullet time effect. I remember as a kid i always wanted to be a cartoonist, i would draw and draw and draw, but too bad legos got in the way of going anywhere further than that.

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    Worlds apart


    Saturday night Chutsuda invited me out to Oktoberfest again, and i couldn’t believe that it was even busier than the previous weekend.  Too bad i was already five hours in drinking while i was at Robin’s BBQ in the afternoon, so by 10:00pm i was dead tired, so i had to call it an early night.

    Sunday night i attended a friend of mine’s birthday party at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  Talk about fancy, we had our own cabana, and waitress bringing us drinks.  The sous chef even prepared a speciality made birthday cake.  I love being able to fit in, in both scenes.

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    Sanity Check

    I’ve lost track of the reality of time, and space. Is today tuesday, or the third sunday of September? Sometimes i don’t even know what time of day it is. To say work has consumed my life would be an understatement, because sleeping and eating seem to be just a blip on the radar. If I didn’t already plan on volunteering this weekend, i know i would be in the office bright and early tomorrow. The work that we’ve been doing has been pushing my skills as a designer and programmer to the max, and it feels good, but sometimes i feel like i’m getting the Kelly Bundy effect, and soon i wont remember who scored four touchdowns in a single game for polk high.

    Today we got out of the office to check out some other office spaces in Culver City, and to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. There’s still no beating westwood for its relative safeness, and convenience of things open late. Its still all about location location location.

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    Giving him the eye


    So last night Bryant was convinced that Michelle Rodriguez was giving him the eye, not just once but three times over. We know B has mad game now that he’s mister fancy pants chef and all but man c’mon!. Then we realized that she probably overheard us about making sure our pizza has some penis hairs on it, and she was just completely distgusted by our conversation. We knew that was the answer when she left.

    I love tito’s tacos, you’ll love tito’s taco too, … poot.

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    No Way!

    Is that snow in the mountains already?!  This season might be one for the ages, or it could be like many years of the past with early snow, without much follow through.  Here’s crossing my fingers since we already have a cabin booked for the first week of January.  Speaking of seasons, man its been getting cold at night.  Every morning i have to make sure i grab a sweater with me because i never know where i’ll end up at night, and i hate being without a trusty hoody.  Take last night for example, Cheryl rounded up the IR gang to eat some indonesian food out on the westside, and after dinner we were just loitering outside as usual, and man it was chilly.  Time to start looking for a helmet, and to wax up the board.

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    Feed me


    I’ve recently come up with the conclusion that real good ethnic food should never be expensive. The best Mexican food are usually taco stands where the pico de gallo sits in vats freshly prepared, with jalapenos, and hotsauce readily available. Chinese should be served family style, with pots of plain white rice, and hot sauce always on the table.

    So what did i do instead of this?  Friday night we went to a Red Pearl Kitchen on Melrose to check out the restaurant that opened just four weeks ago.  As far as the food went, it was decent, nothing completely to rave about, the ambiance was ok, lots of red lights as you can imagine, but the thing that got me was they had a really good lounge area, and amazingly played a lot of alternative music.

    Saturday night we went to alpine village to hit up Oktoberfest, and drink some beer.  I tried my hand at putting away 64 ounces of beer, but i falied at probably about 55.  Thats just way too much liquid to put away in a single sitting.  There were a ton of people, but i don’t think i saw one actual german there.

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    Safest Neighborhood or Suckiest Car

    I happened to drive my car to work on monday, and left it in the neighborhood behind my work for the past three days and finally drove it home last night.  Well when i got into my car the first thing i noticed was that it gave off the hey somebody touched beeps, and when i got inside i realized i had left my passenger side window open the WHOLE time!  I was worried that something of value was taken, so i checked for the 2 dollars on the side of my door, but it was still there, and i felt better.  Thankfully i don’t keep anything of value in my car, but almost sad it wasn’t stolen.  I guess there is no love for the doorstop Si.

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    Stupid Dogs

    For once this isn’t to ridicule my sister’s dog, but a remembrance of dogs that have come and gone. Before my trip to NY i stopped by Borders to pick up some reading material. It usually takes a strong reccommendation before i’ll read something, but one book just caught my eye and stuck just because of the dog on the cover, Marley & Me. It was a book just right up my alley, life lessons, a simple view of life, and of course all taught by one loopy dog. I’m still figuring out how good of a book it is, but I did finish it in two days. This is just he exerpt that i wanted to share with everyone.

    “A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. It was really quite simple, and yet we humans, so much wiser and more sophisticated, have always had trouble figuring out what really counts and what does not.”

    So to all the dogs that i have grown up with, Genie, Ozzie, Cookie, Pepsi, and Doogie, each still has a corner in my heart and mind.