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    I’ll bite

    Two Names You Go By: John and Chimmy
    Two Parts of Your Heritage: Thai and Cerritosite
    Two things that scare you: Peanuts and Spiders
    Two of Your Everyday Essentials: Coke and Conversation
    Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: My favorite Vans from NY and the Levi’s i wear everyday
    Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Smashing Pumpkins and Rock Kills Kid
    Two Things You Want in a Relationship: Trust and Appreciation
    Two Physical Things that Appeal to You: Bright eyes, and a bright smile
    Two of Your Favorite Hobbies: Photography and Eating
    Two Things You Want Really Badly: More friends in LA and Honda S2000
    Two Places You Want to go on Vacation: New York and Japan
    Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die: Retire and Live outside LA for a year
    Two Things You Are Thinking About Now: Am i going to finish my art project and what’s for lunch?
    Two Stores You Shop At: Amazon and
    Two people you haven’t talked to in a while: David and Caroline
    Two favorite web sites: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and WWTDD
    Two Favorite Sports: Basketball and Snowboarding
    Two things you did last night: Ate at Shakey’s and and talked about the art gallery
    Two shows you like to watch: Futurama and Good Eats
    Two places you like to go to: Home and New York
    Two Favorite People: Parents and Sister
    Two Favorite Subjects In School: Business Law and Leisure in Contemporary Society
    Two Favorite Places to eat:  Lawry’s and Mom’s house
    Two things you ate today: French Toast and a Cranberry Juice
    Two people you last talked to: Jonathan and Janelle
    Two Things You’re doing tomorrow or next week: Having an Artshow! and Sleeping