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    Know where you’re from


    Another year passes but some things never change. Every time i hang out with my old neighborhood it always reminds me how lucky i was to grow up with them. They never fail to not dissappoint, and Brian’s 35th birthday was one to remember. One word says it all, midget, not only a midget, an elvis impersonating, fire juggling midget. My sense of decency kept roaring through my head, but i thought forget it, lets have some fun.

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    I need a vacation


    This week was literally one long day that never ended.  I think i’ve slept a total of 20 hours since Sunday, and gone to sleep twice when people in the eastcoast were just waking up.  This coming month doesn’t look like its going to ease up either.  I have to say that i’ve learned more about flash in the past six days than i’ve learned for the past five years.  It feels really good when you start to really break down a program and really understand how it works from the ground up.

    Its amazing to think how incredibly small our company is, we’re still able to get some very possibly huge clients.  I’ve already marked september 19th as a major turning point to how the company is perceived.  I’m still just a little delirious now, but its no time to rest, its Friday, for everyone else i’ll see you at halloween.

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    Thats how we do it


    If you haven’t heard there is a coup happening in Thailand right now.  So what do you do when you see a tank driving down the the capital of the city?  Thats right you decorate it with flowers and ribbons.  Amazing how things still had to come to this these days but people in power, never want to give it up. I’m going to call this the most peaceful and celebrated coup in history.  Watch out Bush, i’m gassing up my tank now!

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    Rise Above, or Tuned Out?


    So the question came up at the Rise Above show does Shepard Fairey actually care about what’s happening in the world or is he creating his art purely for self gain?  Personally i haven’t kept up with world events for the past month or so.  I just can’t seem to get into it, and i personally haven’t really cared.  I’ve been just too wrapped up with The business, the art show, and just trying to enjoy life at the same time.  Worrying about something happening outside of West LA is just something i’ve put on the back burner, and my brain just seems to tune out anything that has to deal with the words, Iraq, Isreal, Bush, homeland security, or oil.

    After the art show, we decided to skip the debate and went out to drinks in Little Tokyo.  I had my fair share of beer and sake, and i’m glad i didn’t have to drive home, thanks janelle!  To those that got a drunk dial from me, whats up!

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    I’ll take it as a complement, … i guess

    We decided that gay guys night out to watch Last Kiss together was a bad idea, so we went to McCabe’s Bar over on Santa Monica/25th street for some beer and pool instead.  We stroll to the bar and order a couple beers, to where the bartender asks for our IDs.  Looks at jonathan, then mine, and she goes, “Wow, i would not have guessed it, i thought you were coming here for you 21st birthday.”  Great, for some reasons i know everyone else in this world would take it as a compement, but for me its like the peanut joke, it just gets old.

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    Repent or Rejoice, its your own life


    If you write down your goals, you’re more likely to accomplish them. Even though some of my goals are very far out of my reach, its good to make some hard to get to so that you always have to challenge yourself. This is just the start of my list, and hopefully i’ll reach 100. You just can’t forget that these are just privileges, and you and I don’t deserve to do any of these things. Don’t forget to enjoy what you have or else nothing in this world is going to make you happy. If you always think that there will be something better around the corner, be careful because all there will be is another corner.

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    Work Artgallery Presents Bi-Polar


    Thanks to all that showed up, and especially to those of you that submitted work to the show. This show was incredible, and so much more impressive than the first show. Some very impressive pieces were made by Shane, Luke, and Janelle. Shane’s Alpha and the Omega constructed with wood and the always impressive plexy glass. Luke’s X2 painting trully showed off his ability to work within the them of love and hate, and Janelle’s Bunny Suicide even made death seem cute. The music was being DJ’d by DJ Beezer, and the alcohol flowed all night long. Good times were had by all.

    I hope that more people will show up to our next show happening the first Saturday of December. The next show is being called “Organica.” Showcasing the use of natural, recycled, reused goods. More information will be forth coming. We will be asking for donation this next time coming up to create a fundraiser for a very good cause.

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    Just Call me Henry


    Its September, and you know what that means! yes New Fall Programming. I’m actually quite happy about all the new shows, god knows i’ve only been tivo’ing six shows, Simpons, Futurama, Family Guy, Sex and the City, Good Eats and M*A*S*H* (yes that MASH, not MASH). So i got so inundated with ’till death commercials on FOX from watching said shows, it looked funny enough to tivo it, and its got shitbreak, come on!. I didn’t actually sit down and watch it last night, but i did watch the show the proceeded it, Happy Hour. I thought it was freaking hilarious, but maybe because it just hit so close to home, minus the sex part, but i’m working on it. Ha! Its good to be excited about something being on TV, instead of catching older shows on DVD now. I don’t think that TV shows were meant to be watched back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back, to back. There’s just no anticipation to it any more.

    Also on wednesday night i caught my first episode of House, and im excited that the new LOST season will be starting soon. Of course that also means a whole new round of Simpsons, and Family Guy on Sunday nights, and NFL Football!

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    I’ll bite

    Two Names You Go By: John and Chimmy
    Two Parts of Your Heritage: Thai and Cerritosite
    Two things that scare you: Peanuts and Spiders
    Two of Your Everyday Essentials: Coke and Conversation
    Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: My favorite Vans from NY and the Levi’s i wear everyday
    Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Smashing Pumpkins and Rock Kills Kid
    Two Things You Want in a Relationship: Trust and Appreciation
    Two Physical Things that Appeal to You: Bright eyes, and a bright smile
    Two of Your Favorite Hobbies: Photography and Eating
    Two Things You Want Really Badly: More friends in LA and Honda S2000
    Two Places You Want to go on Vacation: New York and Japan
    Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die: Retire and Live outside LA for a year
    Two Things You Are Thinking About Now: Am i going to finish my art project and what’s for lunch?
    Two Stores You Shop At: Amazon and
    Two people you haven’t talked to in a while: David and Caroline
    Two favorite web sites: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and WWTDD
    Two Favorite Sports: Basketball and Snowboarding
    Two things you did last night: Ate at Shakey’s and and talked about the art gallery
    Two shows you like to watch: Futurama and Good Eats
    Two places you like to go to: Home and New York
    Two Favorite People: Parents and Sister
    Two Favorite Subjects In School: Business Law and Leisure in Contemporary Society
    Two Favorite Places to eat:  Lawry’s and Mom’s house
    Two things you ate today: French Toast and a Cranberry Juice
    Two people you last talked to: Jonathan and Janelle
    Two Things You’re doing tomorrow or next week: Having an Artshow! and Sleeping

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    Manna = Fun

    The Koreans know how to do it right. All you can eat meat buffet +1. Danger of cooking your own food -1. Having soju brought to the table +1. Being able to smoke at the table +1. Providing free lighters with taxi cab numbers on them +1. Not being able to communicate with waitresses -1. Having someone throw up from eating and drinking too much +1 for us, negative eleventy billion for them. Good times.