Day: March 20, 2009

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Friday Splurge


After months of saving and being really frugal with everything for the wedding Friday night Joy and I went to dinner with Ben and Tiff at Fraîche in Culver City. It was really nice to get back out into the city for a nice dinner with friends, and not really worry about trying to save every penny for Hawaii.

The food was good, but not completely great. I really enjoyed the risotto with shrimp, oysters, and baby beat salad but for now on duck confit is an appetizer only, and their lamb dish tasted like short ribs. Overall it was a fun experience but an up and down tasty meal.


Lakers do over


I was very disappointed that the first Lakers game that i went to, they lost. I was worried that i was a jinx, because i’m superstitious like that when it comes to my LA teams. The true test came only two days later as Ben scored me some tickets from his work place for the Thursday night game against the Warriors.

These seats were even better than we had the game before, and the kids we were sitting next to were completely in the game too. The entire game we were all screaming DeeeeeeFense! The guys even got DJ Mbenga to look over as they screamed every Laker’s name. The Lakers really got me worried as the minutes ticked off in the 4th quarter, but thankfully they pulled it off, and i’ll allow myself to attend future games.