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Flights of concerts

Friday night started the double header of concerts for me. Joy and I headed out to downtown Los Angeles to catch the Flight of the Conchords show at the Orpheum which is right next door to Broadway Bar. We met up with Chrissie and her friend for a pre-show drink to get the night started. Overall the show was alright, but i’ll stick to listening to them, or just watching clips of their shows/videos on youtube. It was a little hard to hear/understand them, and i had to take a little nap sometime in the middle of the show.

Tonight is the Cure, and hopefully they’ll be a little more raucous.


Summer reading list

I told myself that i needed/wanted to read more so i gathered an assortment of books that i was going to read each month. It started earlier this month when i borrowed a book from Jonathan Kapilavastu (Buddha, Vol. 1) of course about Buddha, but in comic book form. I figure its good to get in a little religion, even if its in comic book form. Next up is a book that i read a snippet of online called Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs that tries to explain things using examples from pop culture. Later this summer its Then We Came to the End: A Novel, and finally Now I Can Die in Peace: HOW ESPN’S SPORTS GUY FOUND SALVATION, WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM NOMAR, PEDRO, SHAWSHANK, AND THE 2004 RED SOX, which probably has the longest book title ever.

So i’m going to cover some religion, tech history, sports stories, and social commentary this summer. Anyone else have some recommendations to fill out the rest of my year?


Mini sous chefs

Memorial Day means fire up the grill and break out the meat. Joy and I traveled to her cousin’s house to cook up some burgers and corn, and i had a little help when i got there. There’s nothing better than putting to work some rug rats circling the grill just looking to cause some mischief. I had them butter and salt the corn while i watched over the burgers (bbq, bacon, cheese sliders, with grilled onions). The burgers turned out really good, and everyone had at least two, even the littlest went back for seconds. Its been a while since i went to visit, and its nice to be welcomed into a home like that.


Apologies to Noah

Sorry Noah, your dad has to work late. WORK has been on a pretty hectic schedule for the past two weeks, and things are now just started to hit the home stretch. I wouldn’t say that we’re too busy, but i’ve been putting in some good hours past 7:00pm a few nights, and still getting into the office before 8:00am. Its still better than it was before when we had to work all through the night into the morning, and having the other people in the office really helps out. I’m thinking a nice vacation in July will be well worth it, and sitting and doing nothing is sounding really good at this point.


Semi-Amateur Engagement

Andy and Jenn’s wedding is fast approaching, and they’ve been gracious enough to ask for my help with the photography. Personally my experience for such events is quite low, i deferred to my sister for help at the wedding, but i was more than happy to go at it solo (well plus shane and joy) for their engagement photos. I had the fun task of getting Andy to take it serious enough to smile and not looked annoyed, and the pure lack of knowledge of the difficulties of staging shots.

Overall i think i did an ok job for my first time, but i seriously have a laundry list of things to do before i do another one. Some of the bigger issues were fighting the heat and the high sun, and trying to get the best shot without any other strangers in the background. I truly appreciated having shane and joy around to see things at a different angle, or run up to get some napkins to wipe down andy’s sweating forehead.


Happy Grad Day

Joy took her final steps to getting her Masters in Therapy. The ceremony what thankfully in doors because it was scorching outside, not to say it wasn’t a little hot inside either. Surprisingly Tommy Lasorda was the guest speaker, and honorary graduate so all the grads got a new dodger hat. Everything went smoothly and the MC even got Joy’s last name right when he read it aloud.

Probably the most interesting part of the whole thing was that my parents met Joy’s parents there, and the dads spent the rest of the afternoon talking about who knows what, because i only paid attention to about 10% of their conversations all through the ceremony and all the way through lunch at the Market Broiler at the Block of Orange.

We finished the night by going out to The Brig over on Abbot Kinney for a couple drinks and accidentally ended up at a gay bar when we tried to change scenes. I blame it all on Joy and Cindy, and yes it was awkward but i was more worried about the “Cash Only” sign over the bar, ok and of the poster of the naked man on the wall.


Officially stimulated

I have officially been massaged by Mr. President Bush by receiving my economic stimulus check into my bank account this weekend. The thoughts of $600 newly floating in my account puts many ideas into my little brain. One side of my brain says, put it away, because you said you were going to start saving, but the other side is telling me, doesn’t your ass hurt? and wouldn’t it be nice to get a new couch, or aren’t your eyes hurting from watching that tiny tv of yours? I wonder what $600 worth of bacon would look like?


West Hollywood Jams!

It might be all just a coincidence, but with The Cure concert just around the corner, the radio stations have been all about my music. I started Gay Friday, by playing all the WeHo jams like Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, but now the most non WeHo radio stations have been following suit. A few weeks ago while i had one of my few afternoon drive through traffic, i listened to Money and Petros on AM570 and lo and behold they had a “gay music” themed show. Probably one of most unlikely stations to go in that direction was pretty amusing even if it never happens again. To top it off saturday while i was driving back up to Los Angeles from Cerritos the guys on indie 103.1 announced they were going to have a “gay jams” show next weekend, so i think everyone should enjoy the sounds of synthesizers and countertenor vocals. I am not alone i tell you!


Lakers 2008 Playoff Push

After watching Iron Man, Joy, Roland, and I headed to Islands in West LA to catch the Lakers game vs. the Utah Jazz. It feels really good to see Kobe trusting his teammates, and having his teammates reward him with balls going through the hoop. For so many years now it felt like Kobe would try and try to get his teammates involved in the game but never came through on a consistent basis. Now when the ball gets kicked to the corner to Sasha, Vlade, or Fisher it feels good, and i don’t wince when they heave up a 3 ball. The players seem to move a lot easier cutting through the lane and finding the open teammates for the easy buckets. Just 11 more wins to bring Los Angeles another championship. Just think how embarrassing the parade would be with so many white guys on the team, Mark Madsen overload.


100 Million Dollar Man

What was planned to be a movie with Jonathan and Noah turned out to be a movie void of Jonathan and Noah. Wow did they miss out on an awesome movie. I have been one to shy away from comic movies because most of them just plain sucked. Those movie either suffered from bad plots, bad acting, way too much CGI and usually all three. Iron Man suffered from none of those.

At the end of the movie i had to keep telling myself that Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t really Tony Stark, and was still just Robert Downey Jr. Who else could pull of being an arrogant playboy who didn’t give a crap of what people thought of him, and lived in a world of their own. I could almost believe that some of the lines he said in the movie were ones he’s said in real life. They used the CGI very well, and there were only a few instances that you could really tell that it was all computer animated. I give much respect to Jon Favreau for doing a good job directing, especially from producing swingers or acting in Friends. Others must feel the same with the movie pulling in over $100,000,000 on the first weekend of release, and whats more it makes me want to watch The Incredible Hulk even less, and i was already in no way going to watch it.