The Good and the Bad


Good = Playing basketball to stay in shape
Bad = Dislocating another finger

Good = Having good tv series on air
Bad = Winter hiatus (Lost, Heroes)

Good = Living by yourself eating what ever you want
Bad = Living by yourself eating what ever you want

Good = Smell of fresh laundry
Bad = Weeks of smelly luandry

Good = Being responsible
Bad = Not being very much fun

Good = Having lots of friends
Bad = Not enough in LA

Comments (5)

  • we need to invent a machine that does your laundry and then folds it when its finished!

    stupid heroes and lost going on haitus! =[

  • Oh basketball…I think it’s your worst enemy (i.e. broken finger, broken ankle, broken back).

  • or better yet, invent clothes that don’t get dirty and always smell fresh.

  • Just take it to the Magical House when it opens again.

  • What?! The magic house is CLOSED?!

    Anyway, you’re looking good, Chimmy, so bball isn’t your worst enemy.


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