Resident Evil: The Final Chapter & Retrospective

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hit theaters last week and Joy and I took a Friday afternoon off to complete the series. This movies has all sorts of problems between trying to have it make sense in respect to the movies that came before it, having it work as a stand alone movie, and trying to tie up any questions that might have been left out in the previous movies. To find out more of what i think of the movie, and see how i rank all the movies in the series, read on.

Club 33

Club 33 is an exclusive Members Only Restaurant located inside Disneyland (New Orleans more specifically). I always wondered and hoped that one day i would find a way in and my chance finally arrived, thanks to a friend of a friend’s father in-law. We were lucky enough to score lunch dining reservations for a party of 12 for a Sunday afternoon in the park.

The Selling Game

The condo has been on the market for two weeks now, and we’re currently on our 3rd purchase offer. The first offer came in two days after the listing went up, and was cancelled before things went into escrow because the buyer got cold feet. The next weekend came by and we had another offer on the house after a little more back and forth and we officially got into escrow this week. Lost of paper work was signed, but this time it fell through because the buyer’s financing fell through. Now we’re onto our third buyer, so we’re crossing our fingers that this was goes all the way through.

update 9/16/2015

Our third buyer did fall through, and after a few weeks of no more new offers we lowered the price, and we’re in escrow with our 4th buyer. Crossing toes this time.

Update 10/27/2015

The condo is officially sold!